Non-traditional apple pie recipes

You can expect an apple pie to be on the table at a family holiday gathering, and it is always the same standard pie with the same predictable ingredients. If you’re ready for a change try one of these innovative, non-traditional, apple pie recipes.    Traditional apple pie recipes call for sliced apples, flour, sugar,

New Mexico Twisters

Twisters is a fast food restaurant that was founded in New Mexico in 1997. The chain has grown to 17 locations throughout New Mexico and is in the process of adding 3 locations in Colorado. Most Twisters locations are unassuming stand-alone tan buildings, but it is the red, yellow, and blue signs that catch a

Nestle Condensed Milk for Baking

Nestle Condensed milk, those three words have me heading off to find my can opener. Interestingly enough both Evaporated and condensed milk were rationed during wartime. Though milk was fairly plentiful a good number of years ago, refrigerators were not and tinned milk was more often than not used in hot drinks. The contents of

Nasturtiums are beautiful and quite tasty

A great number of people know what nasturtiums are when they see them and think of them as a beautiful flower that befits the garden and flowerbeds. Fewer realize that it is also a wonderful addition to the dinner table, especially in salads. This plant originates from the Andes Mountains area of South America. Though

Most Supported us Farmers Markets

The top ten farmers markets in the U.S. begins with New York City’s Union Square Green Market. It is open on Mondays, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday  all year round from 8 AM to 6 PM. NINE is Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, Santa Monica, California and keeping in tune with their city’s theme, education, their market

Morels Batter Fried and Delicious

Morel mushrooms are loved by many people, because of the flavor and the ease with which they can be cooked into many fantastic meals. Though they can be added to dinners as diverse as spaghetti and omelets, morels are fantastic when they are cooked as either a side dish or main dish. Such is the

Milk Puddings Aletria Vermicelli

Portuguese Vermicelli Pudding (Aletria) This is an easy to make recipe, using vermicelli (which you may find in your local store or supermarket labelled as angel hair pasta rather than vermicelli).  It is a recipe which I remember that my husband often used and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys traditional milk

Mexicola Cocktail

There is something sort of magical about cola soda. It is a dark, fizzy potion that combines well with every type of liquor, adds a hint of sweetness to any cocktail, and just looks great in the glass. What could be better than an ice cold, refreshing glass of cola – with some mixers added

Meditteranean dinner party

The first thing to decide when planning a dinner party with a Mediterranean theme is whether to offer the cuisine of only one Mediterranean country or a combination of several. If you are unacquainted with Mediterranean food perhaps it would be best to concentrate on just one country per party. The thing to remember is

Not all burgers are created equal

Nothing says American cuisine like a good old fashioned hamburger.  Almost every restaurant in the country has this classic item on the menu.  Even five star establishments that sell thirty dollar steaks, also have a fifteen dollar burger included in their cuisine.  Fast food restaurants make this delicious American staple food affordable, and quickly obtainable.  However,